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Address: Da Xibian Industry Zone,Fuan City,Fujian Province,China
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Fujian Zhengtai Electric Equipment Co., Ltd is the professional company of production of generators and marine and land use generator sets as the leading products, ZhengTai's innovative ideas and strong manufacturing capability to produce more than other brands available in the market of high-quality generation, more able to adapt to the harshest use of environment, while ensuring ZhengTai generators and generator sets have a longer life, the existing more than 300,000 units ZhenTai generator used in different regions and industries around the world, provide a steady stream of electricity to the world. our main products: Land use, marine generators and generator sets... Our company main products: automatic control equipment for land use, marine generator and diesel generator sets,...

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Address: Da Xibian Industry Zone,Fuan City,Fujian Province,China Tel: 86-593-6391548 Fax: 86-593-6391928 Email:
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